Microsoft Teams Latest Update!

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Teams received an update which included two new features; Read Receipts & Display Names

Display Names is a welcome feature as it allows for customisation of user’s profiles, additionally, it means that searching for profiles is much easier as you won’t need to remember email addresses, you just need to remember a simple display name.

Read Receipts have been added, but only the icon is displayed for 1:1 conversations, for group conversations it is displayed a different way. We’ll talk about both in this post. The read receipt feature has been long awaited and was initially planned for release back in the second quarter of 2019, but it was delayed twice but it finally was released on January 15th 2020. Below is an image which shows the read receipt feature within a 1:1 conversation:

When in a group conversation the read receipt is displayed within the “…” symbol that appears in the reactions bar when hovering over a message that you have sent. It will show out of the number of members within the group who has read the message, then once you click the “Read by…” you can see the name of those that have read it. Below is an image of where you can find this feature:

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The New Office Icons

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As Microsoft has evolved and developed a collaborative suite, especially from the introduction of Microsoft Teams, they have decided to also evolve their Office icons!

The last time the icons had received an updated was in 2013, so these new icons are a breath of fresh air for Office 365.

Microsoft has revealed the all-new, modern, Office 365 app icons with bolder, lighter tones while still keeping to their roots of including the app’s initial and keeping the icons instantly recognisable.

We can see the evolution of the icon for Word form 2007 and how the icon is much slicker:

These new icon designs for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Skype, Teams and more, are being pushed out to nearly one billion Office users across the world, on mobile and desktop!


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Reuse slides in PowerPoint!

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Streamlining the creation of presentations, without starting from scratch, is constantly improving thanks to Microsoft.

PowerPoint has always had an incredible number of templates to choose from, to speed this process up.

To see what templates are available in PowerPoint, click on New and type in a search term or select on one of the suggested searches and you can find professional looking templates.

You and your organization can create your own templates as well.

However, the most common process would be to use an existing deck your (Or one of your team), already created, as the starting point for a new presentation.

This is where the newer, reuse slide capability can be quite helpful!

Simply click the Reuse Slides button in the Home tab to surface existing PowerPoint presentations in the sidebar and browse through recommended PowerPoint decks you have access to.

View the slides in the presentation you’d like to borrow from, select the ones you want, and insert them into your deck.

If the AI doesn’t suggest the right presentation, you can conduct a search to find the one you want!

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Office Dark Mode for Mac

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Over time, Dark themes in operating systems and applications have become increasingly popular. Many users prefer darker themes because they are easier on the eyes, especially under low lighting conditions.

Microsoft introduced the ability to choose a default app mode setting of Light or Dark in Windows 10 a while back and extended that functionality to the Windows File Explorer starting with the October 2018 update.

Dark gray and black themes have been available for some time for the Office desktop apps on Windows. One way to configure them is by clicking on File, then Options, then selecting the desired theme in General tab of any Office app.

With the release of MacOS Mojave, Mac users can also add a darker appearance to their desktop. Now, Microsoft Office for Mac inherits the appearance settings from the operating system.

To set Office in dark mode on your Mac; click on System Preferences, then General, if you select the Dark option under Appearance, those setting will flow through to Office for Mac.

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New To-Do feature in Word

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Microsoft has recently announced the To Do Feature coming soon to Word.

This will mean if there is a place in your document you want to come back to at a later time, just type TODO and whatever note you want, like “add images” and Word will recognise and track these entries as to-dos.

Another new feature will be the ability of @mention within the TODO placeholder.
So, if you wish for a colleagues input on a section of the Word document, you can add TODO: @mention.

When you come back to the document, you’ll see a list of your remaining to-dos, and you can click each one to navigate back to the right spot.

When you @mention someone within the to-do, Word will email them a notification with a “deep link” to the relevant place in the document.

Once this has rolled out, please be aware that your document needs to be stored on SharePoint or OneDrive for business to get this to work.

This new capability is available is currently in preview, and rolling out soon for all Office 365 subscribers.

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