Office Dark Mode for Mac

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Over time, Dark themes in operating systems and applications have become increasingly popular. Many users prefer darker themes because they are easier on the eyes, especially under low lighting conditions.

Microsoft introduced the ability to choose a default app mode setting of Light or Dark in Windows 10 a while back and extended that functionality to the Windows File Explorer starting with the October 2018 update.

Dark gray and black themes have been available for some time for the Office desktop apps on Windows. One way to configure them is by clicking on File, then Options, then selecting the desired theme in General tab of any Office app.

With the release of MacOS Mojave, Mac users can also add a darker appearance to their desktop. Now, Microsoft Office for Mac inherits the appearance settings from the operating system.

To set Office in dark mode on your Mac; click on System Preferences, then General, if you select the Dark option under Appearance, those setting will flow through to Office for Mac.

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