Reuse slides in PowerPoint!

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Streamlining the creation of presentations, without starting from scratch, is constantly improving thanks to Microsoft.

PowerPoint has always had an incredible number of templates to choose from, to speed this process up.

To see what templates are available in PowerPoint, click on New and type in a search term or select on one of the suggested searches and you can find professional looking templates.

You and your organization can create your own templates as well.

However, the most common process would be to use an existing deck your (Or one of your team), already created, as the starting point for a new presentation.

This is where the newer, reuse slide capability can be quite helpful!

Simply click the Reuse Slides button in the Home tab to surface existing PowerPoint presentations in the sidebar and browse through recommended PowerPoint decks you have access to.

View the slides in the presentation you’d like to borrow from, select the ones you want, and insert them into your deck.

If the AI doesn’t suggest the right presentation, you can conduct a search to find the one you want!

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