Microsoft Teams Latest Update!

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Teams received an update which included two new features; Read Receipts & Display Names

Display Names is a welcome feature as it allows for customisation of user’s profiles, additionally, it means that searching for profiles is much easier as you won’t need to remember email addresses, you just need to remember a simple display name.

Read Receipts have been added, but only the icon is displayed for 1:1 conversations, for group conversations it is displayed a different way. We’ll talk about both in this post. The read receipt feature has been long awaited and was initially planned for release back in the second quarter of 2019, but it was delayed twice but it finally was released on January 15th 2020. Below is an image which shows the read receipt feature within a 1:1 conversation:

When in a group conversation the read receipt is displayed within the “…” symbol that appears in the reactions bar when hovering over a message that you have sent. It will show out of the number of members within the group who has read the message, then once you click the “Read by…” you can see the name of those that have read it. Below is an image of where you can find this feature:

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