Using Microsoft Planner within Teams!

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Not only can you create Plans within Teams, but now you can also integrate existing Plans from Microsoft Planner, straight into Teams!

Simply Create a Team and choose to Create a Team from an existing Office 365 Group and then you can choose the Group which is linked to the existing plan in Planner.

For example, if you already have a Marketing Plan in Planner, then in Teams; Click on Create a Team, Choose “…from an existing Office 365 Group” then in the List select Marketing.

Within your Marketing team in Teams, you will see a tab along the top “Marketing” which, when clicked, will display your plan from Planner.

Here, you will be able to Group by Bucket, Assigned to, Progress, Due date and Labels. You will also be able to set a filter, and manage the tasks, just as you can in Planner!

This integration enables you to manage all aspects of the (E.g.) Marketing department from one application, thanks to Microsoft Teams. For example, as well as having integrated your existing Plan, you will be able to easily go back to the conversations tab, where members will be able to discuss any queries or projects.

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