Updates to Outlook on iOS and the Web

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Microsoft will start to roll out a new design in Outlook for iOS. The changes are tailored to create faster and more focused experiences with more context at a glance.

As part of ongoing Office 365 user experience updates announced and the new icons revealed, the changes to Outlook for iOS updates include:

– A bold blue header and updated typography across email, calendar, search experiences and account and contact avatars for instant recognition and ease of navigation to and within the app

– Enhancements to the Focused Inbox and Other toggle and message filtering experience

– Subtle design additions including sensory improvements and haptic feedback with swipe Users will be able to update Outlook for iOS when it’s available to them through the iTunes Appstore roll out that’s taking place.


Microsoft is also rolling out multiple new features for Outlook on the web.

Once these features are available for your organisation, you will be able to:

– Sign into Outlook on the web at www.outlook.com: People with an Office 365 account that use Outlook on the web will be able to sign-in to their work/school accounts using https://www.outlook.com/. Sign in via www.outlook.com

-Use improved response tracking: Microsoft has improved how Outlook handles meeting responses. Previously, when you selected “Don’t send response” or turned off the “Notify organiser” toggle, Outlook wouldn’t register your response to the meeting and the organiser wouldn’t know your response. With this change, when you select “Don’t send response” or turn off the “Notify organiser” toggle, Outlook won’t email your response to the organizer but will update the meeting invite with your response. The meeting organiser and invitee both have to be in Office 365 for improved response tracking to work.

– Use Teams for online meetings: After this change takes place, if your organisation has enabled Microsoft Teams, the new Outlook on the web will use Teams as the default online meeting tool instead of Skype for Business. If your organisation hasn’t enabled Teams, the new Outlook on the web will continue to use Skype for Business. This update will only show in the new Outlook on the web and not in the classic experience. These features have begun gradually rolling out, and Microsoft is expecting rollout completion in January 2019.

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