The importance of Cloud backups!

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Have you ever thought “Are my Emails, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint…? Actually, my entire 365 being backed up??”  Well, it is definitely one to make sure you know the answer to!

Without Office 365 Cloud backup, you are vulnerable to data loss! Just think of the amount of business critical information you have within email alone, never mind in SharePoint! What happens when all your critical business information becomes corrupted?

Office 365 and cloud solutions do provide many benefits, from the availability of data to ease of collaboration. However, it cannot prevent data corruption and loss. Here steps in Cloud Backup!

Cloud backup allows your Office 365 content to be restored within minutes!

For example, if your employee permanently deletes an email and it was required for an audit! With Cloud backup in place, this can then be easily retrieved.
The same applies to a SharePoint / OneDrive for Business file.

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