New Outlook features for Windows and iOS!

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Microsoft has recently announced the following new Outlook features for Windows and iOS…

Adding a new meeting or a location just got easier in Outlook for iOS!

Even before you start typing, Outlook offers suggestions for your meeting location, including recently used meeting rooms and other common locations such as “upstairs office.”

Once you start to type in the location field, Outlook suggests options and then autocompletes your meeting location with the necessary information, including the full address for public locations, all thanks to the power of Bing!

Another nice new bonus feature with Outlook on iOS… Outlook will use your current location, the destination address, and traffic updates to send you a notification informing you when it is time to leave for your next meeting! Microsoft is planning to release this feature soon to Outlook for Windows.

Additionally, Outlook now allows you to see the tracked responses and RSVPs for the meetings you’re invited to, even when you’re not the organiser! Pretty handy if, for example, the meeting is in another location and you need to arrange car sharing!

Planning a meeting that requires tight control of the attendee list? Well, now Outlook gives you the option to allow or prevent the forwarding of your calendar invitation, to ensure only those you have sent the meeting invitation to are the only ones who will be attending the meeting!

Also, arranging Skype meetings with people in different time zones has just got easier too!

Microsoft has also added more time zone functionality to Outlook, allowing you to see what’s happening and when in various time zones, within Outlook!

In Windows, you can now display up to three time zones in your calendar grid. Just click on File, then Options, then on the Calendar section. Under Time Zones,  you can add whichever Time Zones you would like to see.

In Outlook for Mac, you can add one additional Time Zone under Outlook Preferences.

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