New OneDrive Updates

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In July, Microsoft released new updates to the OneDrive desktop client. These new features have been designed with the aim to help users feel more in control and better educated about what’s happening with their files.

Pause OneDrive sync when Battery Saver is on

To help conserve the battery life on Windows devices, as soon as the OneDrive desktop client detects that the device enters “battery saver mode”, OneDrive will automatically pause syncing.

A notification will also appear informing you this is why the sync was paused, and you will also be able to see in the OneDrive Activity Center that OneDrive is paused because the device is in “battery saver” mode!

A nice, clever bonus feature is that once OneDrive detects that the device is no longer in “battery saver” mode, OneDrive sync will automatically resume.

If you would want to force the sync to continue while in power save mode, then no problem! OneDrive will also give you the option to ‘Sync anyway’, which will un-pause sync.

Updated OneDrive Activity Center

To improve ease of use and accessibility, Microsoft has also updated the OneDrive Activity Center.

To view the newly improved Activity Center in your OneDrive Desktop client, simply click on the OneDrive icon on the bottom right of your screen and there you go… you are now in the OneDrive Activity Center.

In here, you can see the status of document uploads, the document name, location (folder it is available in/uploaded to) and duration from it was last synced.

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