New Microsoft HoloLens apps… Remote assist and Layout

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“Microsoft HoloLens is made up of specialized components that together enable holographic computing.” 

In short, Microsoft HoloLens uses augmented reality to superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world!

However, Microsoft has developed on this and announced two new apps coming to Microsoft HoloLens customers – Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout (as a limited-time free preview from 22nd May).

Microsoft has been considering expanding their focus from Information Workers to include Firstline Workers, as Firstline Workers are the first to the customer and the first to the problem! Also, over the past two years since they started shipping HoloLens, Microsoft have been paying attention to the highest value workflows across a variety of Firstline industries.
From this, they found the highest to be around remote assistance, space planning, training and development, product development collaboration, etc.

Microsoft Remote Assist
During the design process for the HoloLens app, Microsoft Remote Assist, Microsoft spent a lot of time with Firstline Workers, which led Microsoft to focus on three capabilities:

• Video calling via Microsoft Teams to allow Firstline Workers share what they see and collaborate with experts remotely. Workers and experts can illustrate their shared view with mixed-reality ink and arrows, or insert images into their view, to solve problems efficiently.

• Secure remote communications, with identity and security measures from Azure Active Directory login and Mobile Device Management

• Mixed-reality annotations, live streaming, and video capture, to enable Firstline Workers to identify and address issues accurately and quickly

Microsoft Layout
Microsoft wanted to help customers see ideas in context, saving time and money, which lead to Microsoft Layout. The app that would help people use HoloLens to bring designs from concept to completion!

With Microsoft Layout, customers can import 3D models to easily create and edit room layouts in real-world scale. Also, customers can experience designs as high-quality holograms in physical space will sharing and editing in real time.

If you wish to find out more about Microsoft HoloLens or Microsoft Teams, contact us on 02890945542.
Or, why not to see all this in action, Microsoft HoloLens: Collaborate with Microsoft Remote Assist to solve problems faster

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