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Ever been “blind carbon copied” into an email, and when replying hit Reply All by accident! That dreaded moment when you hit send and everyone then knows you were in on the email!

For those of you who have been lucky enough not to have this joyful experience, well BCC (Blind Carbon Copied) allows you to add another recipient to your email, but their name/email address will be hidden to the other recipients.
For example, If John sends an email with Mark in the To field, and Sarah in BCC field. Then Sarah will see Mark also received the email but to Mark, it was just sent to him.
However, If Sarah hits Reply All on the email, then Mark would then see Sarah also received it, as he will also receive the reply email.

Thanks to Microsoft, you will never have to experience the accidental Reply All ever again, with the new release of Prompt before “Reply All”.

This feature release means, if you’re on the bcc line and you click Reply All, Outlook will alert you with the message, “Your address was hidden when this message was sent. If you Reply All, everyone will know you received it.”

The “Prompt before replying all” feature was designed to ensure discretion when replying to emails when you’re a bcc recipient and to ensure you don’t accidentally reveal that you received the original message unbeknownst to the other recipients!

Another new Outlook feature is rolling out to Office Insiders, enables you to listen to your emails.

As voice-enabled virtual assistants, like Cortana, take on more and more tasks, the ability listen to emails rather than read them is a natural progression!

If you’re an Office Insider, you can enable this feature by clicking on File, then Options, then click on the Ease of Access section. From here, then tick to Show Read Aloud, and the option will appear on the Home ribbon!

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