New Excel Features

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Microsoft recently announced the release of the following new features the Excel;

Insights and New Data types.

The preview of Insights in Excel brings a new service that automatically highlights patterns in your data!

When you have any cell highlighted in an Excel data table, simply click the Insights button from the Insert ribbon. Then, powered by machine learning, Insights quickly identify trends and other useful visualisations.

These Insights will appear in various graph formats, providing new perspectives on data and in some cases, over 30 suggested results will appear!

You can quickly scroll through the results and when you find insights you like, just click and they will drop them into your workbook.

To allow for additional modifications, a new tab is created with PivotChart controls!

The second new Excel feature also available (currently only to Office Insiders), is the support for new cloud-connected data type.

Using AI capabilities, Excel can now recognise rich data types beyond numbers and text strings. The first two, in preview, are Stocks and Geography.

This means (for example), Excel now recognises that “France” is a country and automatically associates it with relevant data such as population.

So, say you have a list of countries, you can convert it to the new Geography data type by clicking on the command in the Data ribbon. From this, an icon will then appear next to each item and when clicked, a data card then displays all the extra information relevant to that cell (For example, all information relevant to France).

Better yet, if you have the data in an Excel table, you can see a widget that lets you pull the additional data into a column of its own. For example, add the population for each country.

All the data available in this new data type is calculation enabled. Meaning Excel creates a formula and also enables you to write your own formulas, referencing any of the fields available in the new data type’s cell (such as population, etc).

It’s not just Countries either. The new data types support things like postal codes, cities, as well as stocks, and other financial data.

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