Future feature updates for Microsoft Teams!

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Microsoft has announced that from September, they plan to release new capabilities for Teams, making Microsoft Teams a complete hub for collaboration and intelligent communication!

As mention in our Hello Teams…Goodbye Skype for Business post, Skype for Business is on a tight time limit, with Teams becoming the new and improved primary client.

Which leads to these updates including amazing features for Meetings within Microsoft Teams!

When you are about to have a meeting in Teams and you do not which for others to view your background, you will be able to blur out your background, so the others in the video meeting will be only able to see you! So, if you had another meeting and the detailed whiteboard was still in your background, then you can blur this out, instead of you having to move! You could have a meeting from any location and the others wouldn’t know!

Another aspect Microsoft has been working on is the ability to share content straight into the presentation, taking away the hassle of having to share your desktop so others could view the documents. Also, no more of having to swap between Skype for Business and PowerPoint to check if anyone has commented in the chat, you will be able to see and manage all in Teams!
Another bonus, you will be able to control the PowerPoint presentation from the meeting also so you have control all in one place!

Microsoft also has planned the release of capabilities such as Recording an entire meeting within Teams! You will be able to see who joined, the content and have video or audio track is anyone is speaking! This all will be captured and added to the Channel within Teams, so that other members can also refer to it if needed.
Additionally, everything within the recording will already be transcribed, so you can view the meeting with subtitles if needed. Searching within the transcript will also be available with this release, so you can jump to the exact part of the meeting which is most important for you!

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