Enhanced Integration for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

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Microsoft has announced new, enhanced integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
From the beginning of Teams, integration to SharePoint has been in place, with features including the ability to add files from SharePoint directly into the Teams interface.

This integration recently became more powerful with the addition of the ability to link an entire SharePoint document library into Microsoft Teams.

For example, If you already have an existing SharePoint document library and you wish to add it into Microsoft Teams, well now you can! Thanks to the latest improvement in Teams, you are able to add the entire library as an additional tab in Microsoft Teams, which will provide you with the full power of the SharePoint document library experience.

New functionality to the chat function in Teams now also allows you to:
· Mute a chat if you don’t want to receive notifications about that thread
· Hide a chat
· Leave a chat if the conversation is no longer relevant to you.

Video and conference calling integration within Teams has seen several enhancements as well, including:
· The ability to assign delegates in Teams so that others can make and receive calls on your behalf;
· The ability to share files from your laptop or from mobile devices including iPhones and iPads;
· Cloud recording, which enables you to record any meeting for future playback, which is especially helpful to anyone who cannot attend the meeting live.

Another new feature announced was the support of Teams and Remote Assist, so you can now call someone on Hololens using this new feature! Check our previous post Microsoft HoloLens apps… for more information on Remote Assist and Hololens.

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