The importance of Cloud backups!

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Have you ever thought “Are my Emails, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint…? Actually, my entire 365 being backed up??”  Well, it is definitely one to make sure you know the answer to!

Without Office 365 Cloud backup, you are vulnerable to data loss! Just think of the amount of business critical information you have within email alone, never mind in SharePoint! What happens when all your critical business information becomes corrupted?

Office 365 and cloud solutions do provide many benefits, from the availability of data to ease of collaboration. However, it cannot prevent data corruption and loss. Here steps in Cloud Backup!

Cloud backup allows your Office 365 content to be restored within minutes!

For example, if your employee permanently deletes an email and it was required for an audit! With Cloud backup in place, this can then be easily retrieved.
The same applies to a SharePoint / OneDrive for Business file.

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PowerPoint: Inking and Designer

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Designer in PowerPoint just keeps getting better!

Designer can transform slides to become much more professional!

However, if you have a touch or ink compatible device, now it can do even more!

Once you easily convert your ink to text on a slide, PowerPoint Designer launches and makes design recommendations, complete with layouts, icons, and design themes. This way you can save time by transforming your handwritten ink into something that looks like it came from the graphic design department.

The ability to convert ink isn’t just limited to lists. If you draw something a little more complicated, PowerPoint will convert your work to words and shapes at the same time!

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Power BI Themes

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Theme options in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been available for a while now. They give your content a consistent set of fonts, colours and effects.

Microsoft has identified this feature was badly needed for Power BI also, as the built-in colour scheme for Power BI visuals wasn’t pleasing and modifying it could be challenging.

Thankfully, Microsoft has announced that the Power BI team recently added the option to apply new built-in themes to Power BI reports, similar to what you can do with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

You’ll be able to see these new theme options by selecting Switch Theme in the Home ribbon in Power BI Desktop.

All you need to do is pick your desired theme from one of seven new options, and it will be applied to all your visuals that use the default colour palette. You can also find a link to the report theme gallery in the same place which contains additional community-developed themes.

In addition, you will find help on creating your own theme if, for example, want to create one based on your organisation’s branding.

This update also includes a preview of a PDF file connector that lets you access table data in PDF files, and a lot more.

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OneDrive Super Zoom for iOS

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Microsoft recently announced the new OneDrive Super Zoom for iOS!

This enables OneDrive on iOS users to use a pinch gesture to zoom in and out of the Photos view. Zoom out to easily scroll many photos at a time or zoom in to get a larger preview of your photos as you browse.

This feature is supported on both OneDrive for Business as well as consumer accounts on iOS.

For those of you using OneDrive on Android devices, Super Zoom is already available, but only for OneDrive consumer accounts and should be coming to OneDrive for commercial accounts later this year.

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New Functionality in Word & PowerPoint

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On social media apps like Twitter or Facebook, when you use the @ sign with someone’s name, the person you mention receives a notification about that post or comment.

You may also be using @mentions in Microsoft Teams for a while now.

Well, Microsoft has developed on this and now you can use @mentions in Word and PowerPoint to draw someone’s attention to comments in a document or presentation you’re collaborating on.

Just add the @ sign, then type the name of and the person in your organisation you are collaborating with.

That person receives an email with a link directly to your comment. Clicking the link brings them into the document or presentation and into the conversation. Using @mentions in Office can help take the lag time out of the collaboration process helping you get more work done, faster.

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