New Announcement for Microsoft Whiteboard

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In our previous post from February, Microsoft Whiteboard, we mentioned the Microsoft Whiteboard Preview app, which is a “…freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content can come together for creative collaboration! This new tool is built for anyone who engages in creative thinking.”

Microsoft have now also announced that the Whiteboard app has moved out of preview and is now generally available on Windows 10!
Whiteboard enables you to easily draw, write, and add images and virtual sticky notes to organize your ideas. Designed for pen, touch, and keyboard, Whiteboard enables you to share your ideas naturally, in whichever form you prefer.

Teamwork is also encouraged as everyone can huddle around a large touchscreen in the same room or work together on their own devices from around the world.

As Whiteboard is saved automatically to the cloud, you can pick up where you left off, whenever you need.

The Whiteboard canvas also expands along with your creations, you never have to worry about running out of space!

To start using Whiteboard on your Windows 10 device, download the app for free at the Microsoft Store and log in with your Office 365 account. Or call us on 02890945542 to find out more.


New OneDrive Updates

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In July, Microsoft released new updates to the OneDrive desktop client. These new features have been designed with the aim to help users feel more in control and better educated about what’s happening with their files.

Pause OneDrive sync when Battery Saver is on

To help conserve the battery life on Windows devices, as soon as the OneDrive desktop client detects that the device enters “battery saver mode”, OneDrive will automatically pause syncing.

A notification will also appear informing you this is why the sync was paused, and you will also be able to see in the OneDrive Activity Center that OneDrive is paused because the device is in “battery saver” mode!

A nice, clever bonus feature is that once OneDrive detects that the device is no longer in “battery saver” mode, OneDrive sync will automatically resume.

If you would want to force the sync to continue while in power save mode, then no problem! OneDrive will also give you the option to ‘Sync anyway’, which will un-pause sync.

Updated OneDrive Activity Center

To improve ease of use and accessibility, Microsoft has also updated the OneDrive Activity Center.

To view the newly improved Activity Center in your OneDrive Desktop client, simply click on the OneDrive icon on the bottom right of your screen and there you go… you are now in the OneDrive Activity Center.

In here, you can see the status of document uploads, the document name, location (folder it is available in/uploaded to) and duration from it was last synced.

If you wish to find out more on OneDrive or how to make sure you have received these updates, contact us on 02890945542 or email

Enhanced Integration for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

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Microsoft has announced new, enhanced integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
From the beginning of Teams, integration to SharePoint has been in place, with features including the ability to add files from SharePoint directly into the Teams interface.

This integration recently became more powerful with the addition of the ability to link an entire SharePoint document library into Microsoft Teams.

For example, If you already have an existing SharePoint document library and you wish to add it into Microsoft Teams, well now you can! Thanks to the latest improvement in Teams, you are able to add the entire library as an additional tab in Microsoft Teams, which will provide you with the full power of the SharePoint document library experience.

New functionality to the chat function in Teams now also allows you to:
· Mute a chat if you don’t want to receive notifications about that thread
· Hide a chat
· Leave a chat if the conversation is no longer relevant to you.

Video and conference calling integration within Teams has seen several enhancements as well, including:
· The ability to assign delegates in Teams so that others can make and receive calls on your behalf;
· The ability to share files from your laptop or from mobile devices including iPhones and iPads;
· Cloud recording, which enables you to record any meeting for future playback, which is especially helpful to anyone who cannot attend the meeting live.

Another new feature announced was the support of Teams and Remote Assist, so you can now call someone on Hololens using this new feature! Check our previous post Microsoft HoloLens apps… for more information on Remote Assist and Hololens.

If you wish to find out more on Microsoft Teams contact us on 02890945542 or email

The new and improved Microsoft Ribbon

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To improve on productivity and simplicity, Microsoft has announced updates to the Ribbon (the menu bar along the top of all Office applications) exclusively for and Office 365.

The Ribbon was introduced in Office 2007, replacing the traditional menus and toolbars.

Now, the new, updated ribbon has been simplified, with only one row of buttons instead of two! This keeps the most used features and commands front and center, while also allowing a bit more space for content.

Don’t worry though, if you prefer the current ribbon that displays two rows of buttons, a simple toggle along the top will allow you to revert to the classic view!

The web version of Word is the first app to receive the new ribbon and as of June, the staged rollout began to a select group of consumer users.
As of July, a select group of Office Insiders then also receive the update.
These select users will provide critical feedback to Microsoft which will enable the Office team to make final adjustments before rolling out the updated ribbon to other Office applications.

If you wish to find out more on Office 365 or how to receive Office Insiders updates, contact us at 02890945542 or email

Microsoft Planner and SharePoint Integration

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Microsoft Planner integration with Office 365 is continually progressing thanks to Microsoft.
The latest integration is with SharePoint. Microsoft has announced the release of two new features; Adding a plan and Adding a web part.

The +New button on the SharePoint page makes it easy to create lists and document libraries directly from your homepage.
Now, that +New button will include the option to add a Planner plan. You can add the plan to your navigation pane so your whole team can access it in a single click, simplifying overall navigation.

SharePoint web parts help you quickly glean and access relevant information.
The new Planner web part adds to this experience, allowing you to add plan information directly on pages and news posts.  Depending on what task information you think is most relevant to your team, you can choose between the Planner Board or Charts view to appear on your homepage.

If you wish to find out more on Microsoft Planner or SharePoint contact us on 02890945542 or email

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