New Functionality in Word & PowerPoint

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On social media apps like Twitter or Facebook, when you use the @ sign with someone’s name, the person you mention receives a notification about that post or comment.

You may also be using @mentions in Microsoft Teams for a while now.

Well, Microsoft has developed on this and now you can use @mentions in Word and PowerPoint to draw someone’s attention to comments in a document or presentation you’re collaborating on.

Just add the @ sign, then type the name of and the person in your organisation you are collaborating with.

That person receives an email with a link directly to your comment. Clicking the link brings them into the document or presentation and into the conversation. Using @mentions in Office can help take the lag time out of the collaboration process helping you get more work done, faster.

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Outlook: The new Simplified Ribbon

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Microsoft has recently announced the new “coming soon” functionality to Outlook for Windows.

This gives Office insiders a window of time to try new features on their own schedule before they are released more broadly.
One of the new features being showcased using the new Coming Soon feature pane is the new Simplified Ribbon.

The Simplified Ribbon lets you focus on the core of what you need, displaying a single row of commands versus the three lines of commands in the classic ribbon. The default set of commands in the simplified ribbon are those that are used most frequently, and less frequently used commands are always still available with just a click or two.

The single row of commands can be quickly personalized to suit your work style and preferences—simply pin or remove commands from the ribbon that are important to you. You can always click back into the classic, full ribbon to access the complete set of commands anytime.

You will also find that the Simplified Ribbon is now adaptive.  It scales to fit different window sizes, adjusts icon labels and moves commands out of the way and accessible via new ellipses and menu drop down experiences.

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Microsoft Flow and Excel Integration

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Microsoft has recently announced that Microsoft Flow is now integrated into Excel.

The Microsoft Flow for Excel add-in enables you to connect your data to a wide range of services such as SharePoint, Outlook 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio Online, Twitter, and more.

With this integration that uses the ‘For a selected row trigger’ and the Flow launch panel, you can create and trigger on-demand flows for selected rows in any Excel table on spreadsheets saved in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business.

In Microsoft’s announcement, they have added the steps to create a flow from Excel.

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Power BI Desktop Update

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The Power BI team are constantly looking for ways to improve and they have recently announced the new Update, which was actually the number one feature request from the Power BI UserVoice site;

An option to easily print or email copies of your work reports to others both inside and outside the organisation.

In the New Power BI Desktop update, you’ll find a new Export to PDF command under the File menu. Just click this and it will generate a pixel-perfect rendering of each page in your Power BI Report, opening it automatically in your default PDF viewer.

From there, you can save it wherever you like, email it as an attachment, or print it!

Please note that the Export to PDF option is only available in the desktop version of Power BI.

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Hipchat servers turned off after Slack Acquisition

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Recently, Atlassian (Hipchat) has announced a new partnership with rival Slack! However, with this new partnership, it was agreed that HipChat Servers were to be turned off.

In Atlassian’s announcement, they had stated “Over the past year, however, the market in real-time communications has changed pretty dramatically. And throughout that change, one product has continued to stand out from the others: Slack.”

The aim behind this new strategic partnership is to provide a migration path to Slack and for Atlassian to no longer provide their own real-time communications products. However, Atlassian has also made an equity investment in Slack.
Also adding “Slack has been a user of Atlassian products for many years“.

So basically, Hipchat and Stride (another Atlassian product which was included in this deal) will no longer exist and in time it will work with Slack to provide a migration path for customers, and allowing them to strengthen themselves against their ever growing competition Microsoft Teams!

With this acquisition and Slack’s aim to improve and be a better rival for Microsoft Teams, it just goes to show that Microsoft Teams really does set the benchmark for the standards of companywide communications, collaboration and management. As Teams is Microsoft’s fastest growing product, it does make you think Teams wins!

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