iOS 11 and Microsoft Email Compatibility Issue!

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Apple has admitted that Microsoft email accounts aren’t working on the new iOS 11!

Apple has stated that they are “working closely with Microsoft to resolve this issue”.

If you have a Microsoft email account, such as, or an Office 365, it is best to download the Outlook app.

With the Outlook app, you will be able to manage your Microsoft accounts, view your calendar and contacts all in one place. This is another reason the Outlook app works best. To find out new features to the Outlook app read our recent post on the  New Contact Features by clicking here!

Click here to read more from Apple on this issue.


New Contact Features on the Outlook App

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For iOS and Android, you can now add and edit contacts straight from your phone.

The contact card has also been redesigned so you can see the contact’s key details at the top!!

Tap on any name in your messages or events and see their phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Taping on their phone number will give options to call, message or facetime them.

New contact card also displays your recent conversations, shared attachments and any upcoming meetings you have with them. How handy!!

Create contacts in the People tab and tap the plus sign. Or in a message, tap the name of the person and tap add contact. Once added, you can tap to edit.

Changes made in iOS and Android app will be replicated across all versions of Outlook on any device.

Another feature… you can also push contacts to the default contacts app on iOS and Android.Outlook logo

Beware Chrome and Firefox users, there is more ransomware!

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This ransomware is targeting Chrome users with a Font update pop up, which will appear if you are trying to access compromised websites. The popup will request to update your Chrome Font Pack.

Firefox users are being targeted via email. The email will appear as though it is from Dropbox requesting to “Verify your Email”. This link will actual go to a compromised Russian Website which will then popup with the font update also.

In both Firefox and Chrome, the font update popup will state “The “HoeflerText” font was not found”.

Protect yourself from Ransomware with the following steps:

1. Make sure to never click on any links you are unsure off
2. Never download any attachments you are unsure off, especially from an usual or suspicious email
3. Make sure you have a good backup strategy in place
4. Always keep your Operating Systems and Software up to date with the latest patches
5. Current Layered security such as Cloud Protection, Network Security, Web Protection and Anti-Virus

If you have any queries on how to protect yourself and your company from ransomware, just contact us at

ransomware 2

OneDrive Update Announcements

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One of the most requested features for OneDrive was to access content (downloaded or not) from both work and personal accounts, in one place.

From this, Microsoft have announced “OneDrive Files On Demand”.
When available in Windows 10, it will allow you to see and access all your files – not just those synced to your PC. The un-synced will appear alongside the synced file in file explorer.
This new release is a tease for now as it will be available in the Windows 10 Autumn Creators update!

Another new OneDrive feature is Offline folders for mobile devices!
This will allow you to save folders to your mobile device and open when you don’t have internet access. Changes made to the files by other users will update when you are back online.
You will be happy to hear this is now available on Android and iOS for Office 365 (Home and Business).
OneDrive on Demand

Altaro Partnership

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We are pleased to announce partnership with Altaro Backup Solutions.

Altaro VM Backup is the leading virtual server backup software solution to back up and restore both Hyper-V and VMware-based virtual machines from within the same application.

Altaro VM Backup offers you most of the features found in competing offers aimed at enterprise-level users at a fraction of the price. A few of its capabilities at a glance:

• Offsite Backup Replication to an offsite location for disaster recovery protection, either to your own offsite storage through your internet connection or by enabling drive swap rotation on selected drives
• Instant Exchange Item-Level Restore Browse through your Exchange VM backup’s file system and restore individual emails (or any other Exchange items) instantly
• Instant File Level Restore Also retrieve individual files directly from your VM backups with a few clicks
• Supports Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) & VMware vCenter great for larger environments
• Remote Management Console Easily manage all VM backup/restore jobs across your Hyper-V and VMware hosts from a central console
• Back up Live VMs with Zero downtime
• Compression & Encryption Compress VM backups and use military grade AES encryption to reduce backup storage significantly and secure VM backups
• Linux, MS Exchange & MS SQL VM backups supported
• Intuitive user interface
• Sandbox restore tests
• And more!


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