New Outlook features for Windows and iOS!

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Microsoft has recently announced the following new Outlook features for Windows and iOS…

Adding a new meeting or a location just got easier in Outlook for iOS!

Even before you start typing, Outlook offers suggestions for your meeting location, including recently used meeting rooms and other common locations such as “upstairs office.”

Once you start to type in the location field, Outlook suggests options and then autocompletes your meeting location with the necessary information, including the full address for public locations, all thanks to the power of Bing!

Another nice new bonus feature with Outlook on iOS… Outlook will use your current location, the destination address, and traffic updates to send you a notification informing you when it is time to leave for your next meeting! Microsoft is planning to release this feature soon to Outlook for Windows.

Additionally, Outlook now allows you to see the tracked responses and RSVPs for the meetings you’re invited to, even when you’re not the organiser! Pretty handy if, for example, the meeting is in another location and you need to arrange car sharing!

Planning a meeting that requires tight control of the attendee list? Well, now Outlook gives you the option to allow or prevent the forwarding of your calendar invitation, to ensure only those you have sent the meeting invitation to are the only ones who will be attending the meeting!

Also, arranging Skype meetings with people in different time zones has just got easier too!

Microsoft has also added more time zone functionality to Outlook, allowing you to see what’s happening and when in various time zones, within Outlook!

In Windows, you can now display up to three time zones in your calendar grid. Just click on File, then Options, then on the Calendar section. Under Time Zones,  you can add whichever Time Zones you would like to see.

In Outlook for Mac, you can add one additional Time Zone under Outlook Preferences.

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New Microsoft HoloLens apps… Remote assist and Layout

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“Microsoft HoloLens is made up of specialized components that together enable holographic computing.” 

In short, Microsoft HoloLens uses augmented reality to superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world!

However, Microsoft has developed on this and announced two new apps coming to Microsoft HoloLens customers – Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout (as a limited-time free preview from 22nd May).

Microsoft has been considering expanding their focus from Information Workers to include Firstline Workers, as Firstline Workers are the first to the customer and the first to the problem! Also, over the past two years since they started shipping HoloLens, Microsoft have been paying attention to the highest value workflows across a variety of Firstline industries.
From this, they found the highest to be around remote assistance, space planning, training and development, product development collaboration, etc.

Microsoft Remote Assist
During the design process for the HoloLens app, Microsoft Remote Assist, Microsoft spent a lot of time with Firstline Workers, which led Microsoft to focus on three capabilities:

• Video calling via Microsoft Teams to allow Firstline Workers share what they see and collaborate with experts remotely. Workers and experts can illustrate their shared view with mixed-reality ink and arrows, or insert images into their view, to solve problems efficiently.

• Secure remote communications, with identity and security measures from Azure Active Directory login and Mobile Device Management

• Mixed-reality annotations, live streaming, and video capture, to enable Firstline Workers to identify and address issues accurately and quickly

Microsoft Layout
Microsoft wanted to help customers see ideas in context, saving time and money, which lead to Microsoft Layout. The app that would help people use HoloLens to bring designs from concept to completion!

With Microsoft Layout, customers can import 3D models to easily create and edit room layouts in real-world scale. Also, customers can experience designs as high-quality holograms in physical space will sharing and editing in real time.

If you wish to find out more about Microsoft HoloLens or Microsoft Teams, contact us on 02890945542.
Or, why not to see all this in action, Microsoft HoloLens: Collaborate with Microsoft Remote Assist to solve problems faster

Microsoft Planner and Outlook Calendar integration

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Finally, you can now officially view your Planner tasks in your Outlook Calendar!

In April, Microsoft Planner team released a new iCalendar format feed which enables you to quickly publish Planner tasks to your Outlook calendar!

This new feature couldn’t be easier to set up! In Planner, go to My Tasks, click on the ellipses and then on “Add ‘My Tasks’ to Outlook calendar,” then click on the Add to Outlook link.

Your Planner tasks will be visible on your Outlook calendar and you can easily toggle their visibility on and off, just like a second Outlook Calendar.
This integration will ensure that you don’t miss any task deadlines!

If you wish to find out more about Microsoft Planner, check out our previous post Using Microsoft Planner within Teams! Or call us to discuss on 02890945542


The New Microsoft Surface Hub 2

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Microsoft has announced the new successor to the Surface Hub, introducing the new Surface Hub 2! An interactive whiteboard which is created for conference rooms and teamwork!

The new Surface Hub 2’s design is a huge leap from the first-gen Surface Hub, including 4K+ 50.5″ multi-touch displays as well as 4K cameras, integrated speakers, and far-field mic arrays for a premium video conferencing experience!

Did we mention the screen rotation?
Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 features Dynamic Rotation, which lets users rotate the device to portrait or landscape for the best view and usability.

Microsoft also introduced the new tiling experience with the Surface Hub 2. This enables companies to use built-in apps, such as Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerBI, PowerPoint, as well as video calling, and view these across four Surface Hub 2s simultaneously and seamlessly.

Using Windows 10, which also appeared to be receiving a massive update, the Surface Hub 2 software will support multi-user sign in, include native Microsoft Teams integration, and more! Also including Windows Timeline, so users will be able to easily access their files and apps from other devices instantly right from the home screen on the Surface Hub 2!

Microsoft is planning to start testing the Surface Hub 2 with some of its commercial customers this year, and it will be generally available next year.

See for yourself how amazing the Surface Hub 2 is going to be – Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2

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New features for Outlook

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Ever been “blind carbon copied” into an email, and when replying hit Reply All by accident! That dreaded moment when you hit send and everyone then knows you were in on the email!

For those of you who have been lucky enough not to have this joyful experience, well BCC (Blind Carbon Copied) allows you to add another recipient to your email, but their name/email address will be hidden to the other recipients.
For example, If John sends an email with Mark in the To field, and Sarah in BCC field. Then Sarah will see Mark also received the email but to Mark, it was just sent to him.
However, If Sarah hits Reply All on the email, then Mark would then see Sarah also received it, as he will also receive the reply email.

Thanks to Microsoft, you will never have to experience the accidental Reply All ever again, with the new release of Prompt before “Reply All”.

This feature release means, if you’re on the bcc line and you click Reply All, Outlook will alert you with the message, “Your address was hidden when this message was sent. If you Reply All, everyone will know you received it.”

The “Prompt before replying all” feature was designed to ensure discretion when replying to emails when you’re a bcc recipient and to ensure you don’t accidentally reveal that you received the original message unbeknownst to the other recipients!

Another new Outlook feature is rolling out to Office Insiders, enables you to listen to your emails.

As voice-enabled virtual assistants, like Cortana, take on more and more tasks, the ability listen to emails rather than read them is a natural progression!

If you’re an Office Insider, you can enable this feature by clicking on File, then Options, then click on the Ease of Access section. From here, then tick to Show Read Aloud, and the option will appear on the Home ribbon!

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