Beware of scams and malware! Protection is key!

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Hackers and spam!! The two go hand in hand with email being a primary platform to direct you to malicious sites or financial scams.

Receiving spam via email is a daily reality which many business face the negative affects off, especially as email is the lifeblood of business communication.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has also issued a reminder to be wary of holiday scams and malware campaigns, highlighting issues such as malicious links, infected attachments, spoofing emails and fraudulent posts on social networking sites.

The below is a prime example of a very convincing spam phishing email appearing as though it is from Microsoft regarding Office 365:

spam eg

Email opens a portal to many threats, ranging from phishing attacks to malware.

The Helios Anti-Spam service is critical to a layered security approach and helps substantially reduce the risks.
With a unique combination of anti-malware engines, it provides an effective line of defense against spam and email-borne malware threats, ensuring your business has a higher level of protection.

Our Anti-Spam works by:
• comparing incoming messages against characteristics of known spam messages to identify spam, phishing, and other negative emails.
• Assesses the authenticity of a message by analysing the headers, message encoding and formatting, and other characteristics of emails that users often don’t see, checking for clues about who sent the email and how.
• constantly checking the patterns and volumes of email flow from the source mail servers to detect whether someone is actively spamming the organisation.

Keep your business protected! Contact us to find out more on our Anti-Spam, call 02890945542 or email

What could 330M bit/s broadband do for your business?

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If even the current 80M bit/s fibre, FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) broadband is too slow then perhaps the faster Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) with its 330M bit/s download and 30M bit/s could be a useful upgrade?

Most businesses are quite content with fibre broadband if the speeds are 40+ Mbit’s. In fact, for a service to be called ‘High-speed broadband’, it is usually recognised that it must be a minimum of 30M bit/s. However, to achieve 30M+ you have to be within approx. 800m of the green fibre cabinet. The further you are from your ‘green cabinet’ the slower the speeds, due to the length of the copper line. Once you are over a mile away, your theoretical 80M fibre broadband has tailed off to nearer 15M bit/s. In rural locations, it is not uncommon to be 2-3 miles away from your nearest cabinet, at which point your speeds will be 3-5M; almost back to the early 2000s when 2M was king!

Given the growth of IT services delivered via the cloud (eg. Office 365, DropBox, Voice over IP and of course all that heavy graphical content in social media) all competing for the same road out of the building, getting increasing levels of bandwidth for an affordable price will be one of the key technology challenges business face in 2018.

FTTP Green

Can you look out the window and see this outside? If not, perhaps you may need FTTP.

Can I get 330M and how much?
Work has been underway on delivering affordable broadband speeds to the masses for the past few years and some of them are now starting to become available.

The answer is to remove the long copper into your premises and replace that metal with fibre all the way from the exchange thru the ‘green cabinet’ and onwards into your premises with. This service is called FTTP (Fibre to The Premises).
To check whether you can receive FTTP type your broadband telephone number e.g. 02890945542 into this line checker and you will get a result similar to that below. If you see the words ‘WBC FTTP’ then you are in business (click on the image below to see results for a line outside Moira)

FTTP data

If you are fortunate to be one of the approximate 2% (we checked the first 50 of our clients and only one could get it) then it would definitely be worth upgrading as it is remarkably affordable given the price of the current higher speed alternatives.
Future updates will be on G.Fast for FTTC lines which in theory are talking about 1000M bit/s on the copper part, so long as you are less than 100m from the green cabinet that is. For now, FTTP is the fastest game in town. Don’t blink!

FTTP Chart

For further FTTP details or to discuss any other aspect of your current broadband performance then please call 028 9094 5542 or

Hurray! Microsoft Planner App is now available!

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Microsoft has announced they have added to their selection of mobile apps by releasing the new Microsoft Planner mobile app for iPhone and Android phones!

If you currently use Microsoft Planner, you can now use the Planner app to view your plans on the go!

More recently, it has been announced that users can now also create and edit straight from the Planner mobile App too!

This App release has come about after Microsoft received feedback and requests ever since launching the Planner web app.

If this is your first-time hearing of Microsoft Planner, you can read more on the benefits of Planner on our blog – Introducing you to Microsoft Planner.

To find out more on how Planner can improve your business or on how to download the Microsoft Planner App, give us a call on 02890945542 or email

Planner app

Microsoft Teams Guest Access

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As we mentioned in our previous blog (will link to All things Microsoft Teams Blog), Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365.
Now, Teams is getting even better with the rollout of guest access to all Office 365 commercial and education customers. Office 365 users can add people from outside their company to a team, so guests can participate in chats, join meetings, collaborate on documents, and more.

Microsoft designed guest access in Teams with three principals at the forefront:

Teamwork — Teams come in all shapes and sizes, and you need to be able to easily communicate and share with others you want to work with, including people outside your organization. Now, anyone with a Microsoft 365 Business account can be added as a guest in Teams.
Later, Microsoft will add the ability for anyone with a Microsoft Account to be added as a guest in Teams. If the guest doesn’t have an existing Microsoft Account, they will be directed to create a free account using their current corporate or consumer email address, such as or

Security and compliance — In Teams, guest accounts are added and securely managed by Helios which enables enterprise-grade security, like conditional access policies for guest user access.

IT manageability — Guest access in Teams comes with the ability for Helios to centrally manage how guests participate within their Office 365 environment, providing consistency across application experiences in Office 365. IT admins can quickly and easily view, add, or revoke a guest’s access to the host tenant.

If you wish to find out more on Teams Guest Access, contact us on 02890945542.Teams Logo

All things Microsoft Teams!

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Microsoft Teams – the chat-based workspace in Office 365—is now generally available in 181 markets and in 19 languages. Since announcing the preview, more than 50,000 organizations have started using Microsoft Teams, including Alaska Airlines, Deloitte, Expedia, Hendrick Motorsports, Sage, Trek Bicycle and Three UK.

Microsoft Teams is a digital workspace built on four core promises: chat for today’s teams, a hub for teamwork, customization options and security teams trust.

It provides a modern conversations experience, with threaded, persistent chat to keep everyone engaged. Microsoft has rolled out many new communication features since preview, including audio calling from mobile devices, plus video on Android, which is coming soon to iOS and Windows Phone.

The Office 365 applications and services that people use every day—including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint—are built into Microsoft Teams, giving people the information and tools they need. Microsoft has also enhanced the meeting experience by adding scheduling capabilities, integrating free/busy calendar availability for team members, adding recurrence, and making it easier to transition from chat to high-quality voice and video.

Teams is excellent for tracking project and employee progress. You can create various channels for your different requirements and departments, for example, Marketing team could have a channel for possible events whilst the Development team could have a project Channel.

Every team is unique, so Microsoft made it easy for teams to customize their workspace with Tabs, Connectors and Bots. More than 150 integrations are available or coming soon.

To find out more on Microsoft Teams and how it can benefit your company, call us on 02890945542.Teams LogoTeams eg


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