Live Events in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft has recently announced new live event capabilities to Microsoft Stream and Microsoft Teams.

This feature will enable businesses to schedule, produce, and deliver live events more effectively for a variety of scenarios such as companywide events, announcing internal updates and more.

A live event delivers one-to-many video and content streaming to a large online audience while providing centralised control of the shared attendee experience.

Microsoft Teams enables team collaboration, while live events will enable businesses to effectively communicate news and updates to everyone across the organisation, on any device.

Seamless integration across Office 365 means that you can use Microsoft Stream to deliver highly produced, studio-quality events that can be viewed in Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer.

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to empower people and organisations with artificial intelligence, a new set of intelligent features will soon be available in Microsoft Stream, including:
· Speaker timelines that use facial detection to identify who is talking, so you can easily jump to a particular speaker in the recording
· Speech-to-text and closed captions that capture the event in a readable form and make the content more accessible for everyone
· Transcript search and timecodes that let you quickly find moments that matter in a video.

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Microsoft Workplace Analytics

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As we mentioned in our previous post My Analytics Nudges for Office 365, “MyAnalytics is a personalised set of metrics that helps you find opportunities to build better habits and take control of your time.”

Well, Workplace Analytics does this for the organization. It uses data from everyday work in Office 365 to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement.

In July, Microsoft unveiled Workplace Analytics solutions to help turn organization-wide insights into action plans for individuals and teams.

New team-focused dashboards in Workplace Analytics help enable you to:

  • Discover collaboration challenges by using data from Office 365, like emails and meetings, to discover challenges like meeting overload, minimal time for focused work, or high after-hours workload.
  • Empower teams to change by enrolling teams in change programs to help them build better habits like bringing agendas to meetings and blocking time for daily focused work. Participants receive personal productivity insights and action plans powered by MyAnalytics.
  • Measure and improving on a team’s action plan by assessing and tracking progress against goals over time.

Microsoft Workplace Analytics is available in preview as an add-on to Office 365, for customers using both Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics.

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Microsoft Kaizala

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Firstline workers, such as salespeople, machine operators, and field technicians, rely on their phones to stay connected to their main office. This is something Microsoft recognized and decided to make this process easy for those who work outside of an office environment.

This lead Microsoft to releasing Microsoft Kaizala.
Kaizala is a new mobile app which addresses the needs of these workers. It makes it easy to communicate and get work done out in the field, all on your iPhone or Android device.

Kaizala gives field workers access to the tools they need to stay informed and work efficiently. The app makes it easy to get announcements from the main office, send feedback via polls or surveys, and chat with others workers either one-on-one or in groups.

Kaizala makes it easy to see where everyone is to coordinate work effectively. Its unique location-awareness feature makes it easy to request location information from others, send your geo-tagged location, or take and send a picture with the location auto-tagged.

The Kaizala team built the app with 3 main aims:

Communication. It makes it easy to connect with large groups of people both inside and outside an organization.

Work management. Kaizala simplifies the coordination of tasks for common work scenarios and provides insights through advanced reporting.

Security & Manageability. Kaizala adheres to rigorous standards for security, privacy, and compliance. It also enables admins to easily manage users and control access to sensitive data.

Microsoft Kaizala is available for Office 365 on iPhone and Android, and in multiple languages.

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New sharing features in Power BI

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In January, Microsoft made it easier for collaboration with teammates and partners using PowerBI, by announcing report sharing in the Power BI Service.

Recently, they have massively enhanced this experience by enabling the ability to share reports with filters and slicers applied!

Up until recently, you’d have to take a screenshot or explain the steps you took to configure the report to a filtered, custom view.

Now, all you have to do is make sure the “Share with current filters and slicers” checkbox is selected in the Share pane before you share. Then the people will see the report with your filters and slicers applied!

Once your report has been shared successfully, your recipient(s) will receive an email that contains an URL to the report. Clicking on the URL will take them to the report and automatically apply all the filters and slicers that were shared by you.

Another bonus is that your recipient can bookmark this URL in the browser to retain your filter and/or slicer context for future use, displaying just as you intended.

Please note that the feature is currently disabled for reports with custom visuals. Microsoft is still working to extend this new capability to all reports, including those with custom visuals.

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My Analytics Nudges for Office 365

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MyAnalytics is a personalised set of metrics that helps you find opportunities to build better habits and take control of your time. It gives you insights into how you spend your time and provides tips that help you work smarter.

Microsoft’s latest new feature called MyAnalytics Nudges provides friendly, data-driven collaboration tips as you work in Office 365.
For example, as you receive new meeting invitations your calendar is already jammed packed, a MyAnalytics Nudge will provide a reminder to set aside time for focused work before accepting the meeting invitation.

Also, you can see available time blocks on your calendar and reserve them for focused work, without ever leaving the inbox!

Additionally, MyAnalytics Nudges help you collaborate more effectively in other ways, such as:
· Running more effective meetings
· Reducing your after-hours impact on your coworkers
· Staying on top of your unread email and to-do items

These new MyAnalytics nudges are currently available in preview for Office 365 customers. The Nudges will be rolling out in stages over the summer to enterprise customers using Outlook for the Web.

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